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The ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel comprises of 19 companies - logisticians as well as energy producers and chemical industries.

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Bayer MaterialScience

Innovative materials for a modern life

Bayer AG has been present in the Brunsbüttel economic region since 1973. Today, Bayer MaterialScience produces preliminary products for high-grade plastic foams at its 420-hectare plant situated between the river Elbe and the Kiel-Canal. This high-performance industrial park exists for more than 10 years now. It is currently the home to eleven associated companies.

Bioenergie Brunsbüttel Contracting GmbH

Green Power - Sustainable

The biomass cogeneration plant in Brunsbüttel, a joint venture of NovusEnergy ans Stadtwerke Flensburg, produces CO2-neutral from biomass in combined heat and power generation. The biomass plant provides process steam to the adjacent Total bitumen plant and genrates around 60 million kilowatt hours of electricity - which is equivalent to the annual electricity demand of 12.000 hoseholds. For combustion, untreated scrap material from landscaping activities is solely used.

Brunsbüttel Ports

Ports & Logistics

The Elbehafen Brunsbüttel is a location with ideal water, rail and road links. Its excellent strategic position - with direct access to the North Sea and the Baltic - and connection to the European inland waterways are advantages that are increasing the port's status as a hub between east and west for short-sea traffic. Today, the Elbe port is a full-service port boasting a high degree of logistical expertise.

Chemische Fabrik Brunsbüttel

Colours for the world

Chemische Fabrik Brunsbüttel is a leading supplier of textile dyes with over more than 120 employees in the ChemCoast Park. The production facility in Brunsbüttel is one of the largest plants in the world manufacturing reactive dyes for application with cotton textiles.

E.ON Kernkraft

Electricity for Northern Germany

The Brokdorf nuclear power station ist situated about ten kilometres west of the town of Glückstadt on the Schleswig-Holstein side of the river Elbe. E.ON Kernkraft GmbH runs the power plant and holds a stake of 80%. The remainig 20% are hold by Vattenfall Europe Nuclear Energy GmbH. The pressurized water reactor went on line in 1986 and produces reliable, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly electricity for Northern Germany.

F.A. Kruse

An institution in logistics

Founded in 1902 and now a fourth generation family-owned business, this company has made the transition over the last two decades from a pure transport business to a full-service logistics provider. The company philosophy is to relieve customers of the burden of pre and post-production logistic processes, thereby enabling them to concentrate on their own core business.

Holcim (Deutschland)

Foundations for the society of tomorrow

Holcim (Deutschland) AG is the largest construction material manufacturer in Northern Germany and is part of the Holcim group, one of leading construcion material suppliers in the world. In September 2006, the Brunsbüttel export terminal was put into operation in order tu supply the company's international customers.

Heide Refinery

Storage capacity for refined oil products

The Heide Refinery is part of the Klesch Group, London. Its products are your everyday companion. Mineral oil products fuel our economy and without them the mobile society would, quite literally, come to a standstill.


Lanxess in Brunsbüttel

LANXESS is represented in Brunsbüttel by two different business units Basic Chemicals (BAC) ant the Rubber Chemicals (RUC).

Nordsee Gas Terminal

The energy of the future

Nordsee Gas Terminal GmbH operates an import terminal for storing and handling liquid petroleum gas (propane). The liquified gas is delivered by tankers to the Elbe port and pumped via a pipelinge into an atmospheric tank and three mounded tanks, from where it is subsequently transferred by rail - and road tankers.


Economic ecology

NovusEnergy produces energy out of solid biomass. Due to combined heat and power generation electricity and heat are generated carbon neutral, thus the steam turbine produces approximately 60 million kilowatt hours of “green” electricity per year. Simultaniously the neighbouring plant of TOTAL Bitumen gets supplied with process steam. This independence of fossile energy sources ensures low and predictable prices. The fuel of the plant is residual material of the regional landscape management. NovusEnergy operates the Brunsbüttel biomass plant in cooperation with her municipal partner Stadtwerke Flensburg.

DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG

Secure oil production

As operator of the Mittelplate Consortium, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG accounts for almost 60% of the total domestic oil production in Germany. Crude oil is pumped via pipeline from the Mittelplate Drilling and Production Island - located seven kilometres off the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein - to the oil regeneration plant near Friedrichskoog, where it is refined and subsequently transferred to Brunsbüttel and the customers.


Success through innovative technologies

Sasol is a leading supplier of both differentiated commodities and specialties to the chemical processing industry. Commencing production at Brunsbüttel in 1964, the plant has been expanded and technologically updated on an ongoing basis. In the future, this plant will be connected to the European pipeline system via the new ethylene pipeline.


A burning interest in hazardous waste

SAVA Sonderabfallverbrennungsanlagen GmbH is specialised in the professional, secure and environmentally friendly disposal of dangerous waste. Owned by the REMONDIS group, this company ranks amongst the most modern facilities in Europa and has been in operation since 1998.

Steinbeis Papier Glückstadt

Paper with the best qualities

Steinbeis Papier Glückstadt GmbH & Co. KG is a traditional company that can trace its roots in Glückstadt back to 1895. As a pioneer in the production of recycled paper, today the company is the market leader in Europe for graphic recycled paper, which is produced exclusivly from waste paper. With its high-quality web offset and office paper, Steinbeis Temming is making a significant contribution to the protection of natural resources and the environment.


Specialist for Bitumen and Marine Bunker products

TOTAL Bitumen Deutschland GmbH (TBD), with more than 60 years of production experience, is one of the leading manufactures of high-quality bitumes for a variety of applications in road construction and industry. Another core business area is the manufacture and supply of fuels for shipping (bunker oil).


Electricity for Northern Germany

The Brunsbüttel nuclear power station, which ist operated by Vattenfall, began commercial operation in 1977. Achieving an effective net performance of 771 MW, this boiling water reactor generates around 6 billion kilowatts of energy annually. As such, almost 20 % of the electricity produced in Schleswig-Holstein ist supplied by this nuclear power station on the Lower Elbe. With a workforce of 320 qualified employees - plus those employed in partner and supplier companies - the Brunsbüttel nuclear power station is one of the most important employers in the region.

Vesta Biofuels Brunsbüttel

Fuels from renewable sources

True to the maxim from the environment, for the environment, this company produces biodiesel from plant oils and fatty acids for powering cars and lorries. In addition to the esterification and transesterification of raw materials to fuel, the process applied also produces fertilisers, potassium sulphate and glycerine for the chemical industry.


Colours are our world

Wilckens is able to look back on a long corporate histors that began as far back as 1845. Today, the company has production facilities and distribution companies in 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Wilckens is one of the most important group-independent producer of paint, lacquers and coating systems in Germany, and is also the country's largest producer of marine paints.


Growth from the very beginning

Yara is the world's leading manufacturer of plant nutrients and industrial chemicals and has its headquarters in Oslo. The Brunsbüttel heavy oil plant went into operation in 1978.